EquAsian: LGBTI Asian group

” ‘No Asians’. Sound familiar? It’s a statement that is everywhere on gay dating websites and apps. And it’s just one of the frustrations shared by a new group which is rallying together to give lgbti Asian people a voice, support, and a fun social space.”




A Trans Woman in Singapura: Danielle’s Story

“I worked part-time to help me pay for my daily expenses and also pay for my school fees because I was still studying in Poly(technic) at that time,” she explained. “I travelled around to different community centres and shopping malls to sleep at night. Sometimes, I just sleep in MacDonald’s because they open 24/7.”

Five years later when she was almost 21, the police caught her and brought her home. Her father took her in again, but things did not get better between them.


35 incredible trans women you want to know about

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3. CeCe McDonald

Thrown in a men’s prison for defending herself from racist and transphobic attackers, she has been able to smile and inspire all of us. McDonald has brought to light a huge issue that most in America did not know about- thehorrible and unfair treatment that trans women face in the prison system. McDonald continues to speak out about trans issues from inside prison and you can support her by writing to her.

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15. Andy Marra

Marra’s article on her experiences being a Korean adoptee, going back to that country to find her Korean mother and coming out to her as transgender makes me cry every single time I read it. I wish that more coming out stories were as touching as this one. If you haven’t checked it out, please, go do so now.

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19. Cecilia Chung

Chung was the first openly trans woman and first openly HIV positive personto serve on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. One of the founding producers of Trans March, this immigrant from Hong Kong also works tirelessly to educate the medical community on trans* health issues.

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via Spark Summit

27. Calliope Wong

Wong applied to Smith College (a women’s college) in 2012, but was denied admission because her FAFSA form was marked “male.” She brought to light the issues with many women’s colleges admittance policies and became the face for the fight to make sure that women’s colleges are safe spaces for trans women.

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via Transgender Philippines

28. Naomi Fontanos

A transgender woman from the Philippines, she is the co-founder of Gender and Development Advocates and has spoken in front of the Philippine House of Representatives to advocate for trans women’s rights. One of the many goals she is working toward is to pass anti-discrimination bills that would protect trans workers.





Same-sex Taiwanese couples marry in Christian church


“Although the draft bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Taiwan is still pending, three couples in Taichung who couldn’t wait any longer tied the knot on Tuesday in front of crowds of cheering supporters at the Luce Memorial Chapel on Tunghai University’s campus. The vows mark what are believed to be the first Christian same-sex weddings in Taiwan.”

“The day before, over 20,000 fans showed up to a free concert held by Taiwanese pop star A-mei in support of gay rights. A-mei, a long-advocate of LGBT rights in Taiwan, paid the NT$3 million from her pocket to cover the costs.”