Kiwi-Chinese gay male, 38, Auckland/Hamilton

My mum is a kiwi and dad is from China. My parents are your salt of the earth farmers. I grew up following Dad around the farm and doing all those things boys do with their fathers, like going fishing and watching kung-fu movies. When I came out to my family during my 20s we stopped hanging out. Earlier this year, Mum told me Dad had mentioned missing our boys weekends away to Taupo. So we organised it and surprised him for his birthday. We spent the whole weekend together and although he’s a man of few words, he asked me a few questions about my partner, like what he did for work and how long we’d been together.

It’s taken over a decade but we’re getting there. Its been difficult but my partner has been so supportive and encouraging. I owe a lot to him and my mother. I’ve always identified more with my kiwi side but want to learn more about my asian roots too.