Lesbian, gay and bi Asians less ‘out’ than peers, says 2006 study. In 2012 is this much the same?

This article and study raises some interesting points for Asian communities to consider, and it would have been good to actually hear from a LGB Asian person commenting on the findings and statements about Asian culture…


“According to the study, 15.3% of Asians had not told anyone [they were lesbian, gay, bisexual] compared to a mere 3% of non-Asians.

According to Mark Henricksen, the idea of “coming out” as a gay person does not have the same meaning for most Asians because their identity comes largely from family ties and marriage, rather than the individual expressions of identity familiar to non-Asians. He says that the notion of same-sex oriented identity is simply not meaningful in countries such as China, Taiwan and Korea, despite the existence of such relationships now and in the past.

“Whereas people from western cultures are more likely to be open and positive about the fact that they are lesbian, gay or bisexual – ‘it’s me, it’s my major identity, who I am’- Asians, regardless of sexual orientation, regard their identity as linked to who their parents or grandparents are, who they are married to,” he said.”