Taiwan to allow legal gender changes without transitioning

“Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has decided to allow people to change their legal gender without transitioning.”



What’s in a name: Bangladeshi state recognises Hijras

“On November 11, 2013, the ruling party’s cabinet in its last phase, granted official recognition to transgendered individuals commonly known as Hijras or members of the third gender.”


Artistic expression helps overcome years of repression

“I didn’t really come out as Chinese until 12 years after I came out as a gay man. Let’s put it this way, my ethnicity was suppressed in the same way as my sexuality, but it took me longer to recognise suppressed ethnicity.”  – William Yang, Sydney based photographer.


A letter to Angelina Jolie by an Indian Transman

“Years of forced living in a gender identity that wasn’t my own, began to immobilize me. In a society that understands only two genders and in a medical system that sees abnormality in everything outside of it, going on is eventually impossible.”                            –  Satya is the founder & facilitator of the Indian Trans Group, Sampoorna